PCI Security Assessor

Eporedia is an approved Qualified Security Assessor, listed on the PCI DSS QSA Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council register. Through our proven experience in Security assessment and project management within an appropriate business context we can offer our clients end to end solutions to achieving PCI DSS Compliance.

1. Scoping: Eporedia will seek to understand where the customer is in the PCI DSS process, how much intervention will be required from the QSA and establish which networks, systems and business processes will need attention.

2. Gap Analysis: Eporedia carry out a full assessment of current risks and steps needed to attain accreditation.

3. 6 Steps Approach Remedial Planning: Eporedia will be able to plan, design and advise on any required security systems, technologies and supporting policies and procedures in line with the Credit Card Companies approved “6 Steps Approach”.

4. Application & Network Testing: All networks and applications within scope will be thoroughly tested.

5. PCI DSS Audit & Certification: Eporedia will lead the entire process to compliance and certification. This will include all on-site visits, report recreation and submission and PCI and Acquiring Bank liaison.

6. Continued Compliance: Should the client wish, Eporedia can also provide all necessary on-going testing and auditing to ensure continued PCI DSS Compliance.

We have helped many clients achieve compliance with the Standard through our consultancy services, but are also happy to quote simply for the QSA Audit if you believe your company is already compliant.  Please contact us for more information.