Black Box Penetration Testing

Is your e-commerce website truly safe? Can your customers trust you to securely process their transactions and store their details without disclosing them accidentally? Are your perimeter defences up to the task of repelling the hordes of determined hackers?

A Black-Box application security review is a quick and effective way to gauge an application or a network’s exposure to attack. Our Black-Box approach leverages access to a live instance of the application to determine the threat of both unauthorized outsiders gaining access to the application and legitimate application users compromising security controls within the application.

In a Black-Box review, the testing team does not leverage any information about the application other than that which is available to legitimate users. This reduces not only the overall time required to conduct and prepare the test, but also simulates what a real attacker would be able to remotely enumerate from the application. Our methodology uses a structured approach that allows us to first discover and learn about the available application components, systematically test each component for potential exposures, and then selectively exploit specific high-risk vulnerabilities.

At the conclusion of each Black-Box assessment, we deliver a report that outlines details about each of the security exposures that are identified, along with a strategic remediation plan to address the identified issues. In the report are detailed walkthrough’s of any exploits that were carried out during the assessment, including screenshots illustrating each step.