Secure Application Development and Code Reviews

Your in-house developers have written your new application, but you don’t have the time or budget to go through a long and expensive beta testing process to find any security vulnerabilities.

Eporedia can help through a Source-Driven application assessment. This leverages full-disclosure of application source code, design documents, and other relevant information to perform a comprehensive assessment of the application. Similar to the Black-Box approach, Source-Driven testing leverages access to a working instance of the application in addition to static source-code analysis.

The combination of static analysis and dynamic testing has a number of benefits over traditional pure source code review; the most obvious being quick confirmation of identified vulnerabilities and security testing of the servers and related infrastructure used to host the application. Additionally, a comprehensive assessment will uncover flaws within application source code that could allow compromise of the application.

At the conclusion of each assessment a detailed report will be issued that outlines every instance of each vulnerability that is uncovered, along with options to be chosen from and added to a remediation plan to secure the application. In order to supplement each Source-Driven application assessment, we also offer optional follow-up training courses geared towards educating the application’s developers on defensive coding practices.